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Antonio Pendones is a mixed media artist who works with a variety of media including digital canvasses on mobile apps, acrylics, resin and reclaim materials among others. Harnessing the skills and knowledge earned after years of working as a graphic artist, Antonio’s art is bold and colourful, intricate and complex, refined and elegant, and, as he says, “wondrous and surprising”.

Since 2004, Antonio has lived in Toronto working both as an artist an Art Director. His work has been featured in galleries, venues and events throughout Toronto, such as Moniker Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, the Pan-American Food Festival and Koyman Galleries in Ottawa. In 2014, Antonio exhibited at Spectrum Miami Art Fair during Art Basel.

Born in Guananico, The Dominican Republic, Antonio moved to New York City at the age of 20 where he pursued his passion for the graphic arts. He earned an Associate’s Degree from Bronx Community College. He then went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 1999. After completing his degree, Antonio began his design career at the prestigious The New Yorker magazine, where he held the position of Senior Designer.

At the core of each of his pieces is a story Antonio is driven to tell. Moments and experiences from his life are woven into each of his pieces, whether directly influencing the subjects he chooses, or reflected in the overall look and feel of his works. The vibrant colours characteristic of much of Antonio’s work, are inspired from his Dominican upbringing. Not easily categorized or defined, Antonio’s work continues to evolve alongside the digital technology from which it originates.

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+1 849 456 0074


265 Padre Billini

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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